Brochure 2018

Cath’s horsepower on canvas or panel

Artist statement

Contemporary equine artist Cath Driessen (1956) comes from a large creative family where her love for art was stimulated from an early age. Being raised on a farm, Cath always had a keen interest in animals and nature. This interest grew as she spent her childhood surrounded by her father’s dairy cows. These cows still play a major part in her work, just like her other big love in her life, horses.

Cath has been active as a horse breeder within the Dutch KWPN studbook for years. Her knowledge of correct anatomy and her good breeders eye are noticeable in her equine works. Cath knows how to translate the beauty, speed and sheer power of a horse through expressive use of color and swift, bold brushstrokes. This use of techniques allows her to work quickly and with remarkable ease. Being able to sketch out the shapes with a few single lines.
Cath works from her own studio in the Netherlands, surrounded by typical “Brabant’s” landscape; lots of green trees, peace and quiet. In this studio she also teaches workshops to enthusiastic art students, who want to learn more about true artistry and craftsmanship.